Welcome to the

SA Armour Museum


The SA Armour Museum entails:

  • An exterior display of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (within the lines of the School of Armour and 1 SA Tank Regiment)

  • A vehicle hanger with several restored vehicles in running order - Lesakeng

  • A National Monument with

    • Indoor displays

    • An auditorium - the 2 SSB Room

    • The Garrison Hall

    • The Wall of Remembrance

  • An Annex - Hull-Down - with indoor displays.

  • A Research Library

  • A Museum Shop - The Gun Barrel



What is happening around the SA Armour Museum?

Have a look at the Events page as well as the Photos page.




Today in History


A look at some important dates for the South African Armoured Corps.


There are many other dates of equal importance to many members and veterans of the SA Armoured Corps. All contributions to improve and expand the list will be appreciated.


The Gun Barrel


A Museum Shop has been opened and is filled with uniforms, plastic models and many other interesting items.  Click here to visit The Gun Barrel


Links to other Museums


Click here to view some links to other museums




The history of the Tanker's Prayer and Die Pantserlied.

Corbadus journal,  Click here.


Museum Services


Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 Daily except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

After Hours: Arrangements with the Curator.

Group Visits: Arrangements with the Curator 14 days prior to the visit.

Admission: Free of charge.

Facilities: 2 Special Service Battalion Auditorium for hire, seating 35.
Garrison Hall, function area catering for 80.

Public Programme: The Museum presents a wide range of subjects, such as lectures, films, etc, as well as annual fund raising events. These events will be broadly advertised.


Purpose of the Museum:

  • To preserve the heritage and history of Armour in general and the SA Armoured Corps (SAAC) in particular.

  • To provide an education service regarding the history of the past, the present and the future.

  • To provide an information service about Armour and the SAAC.